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KTT Belt Drive conversions have been raced at CRMC & VMCC meetings since 1998.

80 kits have been been fitted to race bikes, including Venoms, Thruxtons, MAC, MOV, MSS and Weslake 4-valve firebreathing specials.

Belt drives have been fitted to the winners of the 2004, 2005 and 2008 Arthur Lavington Memorial Trophy Race for Velocettes.

For racing purposes, the standard steel Velo cush drive is discarded and a one piece alloy broached front pulley is fitted in its place, thus providing a useful weight reduction.

A double lipped rotary oil seal is bonded to the drive side crankcase reducing the chances of oil escaping from the crankcase.

The belt is a 25mm wide polyurethane / steel AT10 Synchroflex belt with a large 10mm pitch. Yamaha R1 kevlar plates can be run wet in oil, or dry as required.

The kits are very low maintenance once correctly set as no adjustment is required for a belt.

VM / VMT Primary Belt Drive RACE 9-plate Clutch Kit            Price: £625

MAC / MOV Primary Belt Drive RACE 7-plate Clutch Kit         Price: £625

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Above: As fitted to a Venom race bike 2010