Flywheel Assemblies


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Both flywheels designs  are machined and assembled in a different way from Velocette standard design, using a 35mm diameter interference fit rather than the original Velocette of 26mm diameter. This 35mm design isolates the flywheel from  shock absorber and taper roller bearing forces preventing the drive  shaft from separating from the flywheel.

We produce these flywheels in a way that achieves truly excellent alignment results.

Balancing is now included in the price.

KRT 86mm stroke flywheel assembly, balanced to standard VM/VMT piston (Note: VM barrel is 112.97mm

VMT barrel 110.11mm):

Price: £1,350

KRT 100mm flywheel assembly: This longer stroke uses the Squish Piston and a 107.4mm barrel.

Price: £1,35o

Right: KRT design ‘H’ section conrod (178 gms little end)  for fast road use and racing. Conrod Price: £275


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All parts are manufactured in Great Britain

Below: on the left is KRT design flywheel and ‘H’ section conrod (178 gms little end)  for fast road use and racing shown installed with parallel 35mm pin INA bearing. Price: £1,350.

On the right is the standard Velocette flywheel assembly with standard ‘I’ section conrod installed with V6/9 big end assembly fitted  Price: £1,250