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Timing gear steady plate 6082 Alloy

(Note the lightened bolts and cam followers on this engine too)

Price: Enquire


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GC54 Rocker Shaft Bush - Long. Weight: 46 grams

KRT GC54 Rocker shaft Bush Nut - Long. Weight:  15 grams

Price:  £ 9.00

BK40 Velocette 'OIL' filler nut in brass. Weight: 30 grams

KRT BK40 Oil filler  black anodised alloy nut. Weight: 10 grams

Price: £15

Inlet manifold for MK2 concentric 36 or 38mm

HE 30 aluminium alloy to fit Venom

Tapered from 33mm at head to 36 or 38mm

Price: £75.00

Kevin’s favourite fish finger sandwich

Price: you really want one?

Brand new Thruxton engines

Price: £7,500 to £8,000 depending on specification  - please ask if you’re serious about Velocettes