Rocker Boxes


The KTT Services Rocker Box is made from LM25TF alloy.

They are direct replacements for the Velocette M Series rocker box.

As with all the KTT Services products, the rocker boxes are drawn and redesigned by Kevin in Milton Keynes, pattern maker Russell in Woburn, cast and heat treatment by the Norse foundry in Bedford and machined by Tony, Colin and Nick at Lintons in Aylesbury. 14 have now been fitted and are in use around the world by happy customers

In the box:

Caps fitted, secured with stainless steel cap head screws and bored to Ø18.9mm

Price: £555

Options for top rockers:

  1. 1.Regrind original rockers: Post your old inlet and exhaust rockers to us and we will grind them between centres to fit the new rocker box. Price: £70 per pair

  2. 2.New rockers by KTTServices: we will make these if 10 or more customers pre-order. Price: dependent on quantity, but costs will be kept as low as possible. Target £150 - £200 per pair.

Pictured right: a customer’s cover and rockers reground by KTT Services to fit a new rocker box

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