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Titanium caps, sintered collets, double coil spring 6R4, Colisbro valve guides.

Inlet and exhaust valves are made of N214 material and have race proven 7mm plasma nitrided stems, featuring improved collet grooves.

Standard Velo exhaust valve weight: 101 grams

KRT design exhaust valve

Weight: 68 grams

Price: £38.00

Standard Velo inlet valve weight: 73 grams

KRT design inlet valve

Weight: 73 grams

Price: £38.00

Valve caps EN24T steel 6R4 (Velocette)

Price: £20.00

Valve caps Titanium 6R4 (7mm stem)

Price: £30.00

Valve caps EN24T steel (7mm stem)

Price: £20.00

KRT small 7mm stem collets

Price: £6.00

Velocette stem collets 5/16” or 3/8”

Price: £6.00

Modern double coil spring 6R4

Price: £30.00

Spring base washers for above springs

Price: £3.00

Colisbro valve guides 7mm, 5/16” or 3/8”

Price: £16

Unleaded inlet or exhaust valve seats

Price: £16

Valve seats: remove, install and cut

Price (each): £65

Valve guides: remove and install

Price (each): £30

Finned alloy pushrod tube and ‘O’ ring

Price: £65.00

Stainless steel pushrod tube base plate

Price: £18.00

Testimonial from Guy Owen in New Zealand, February 2014:

“Just reporting back regarding those 7mm stem valves, titanium collets and spring retainers I bought from you last year.

Since fitting them the Venom has covered 10,000 miles without messing around too much speed wise with plenty of winding hill work etc.

Am very pleased with the performance which is still up there.

Please find attached a copy of the local ‘Nelson Classic Motorcycle Club’ paper which features the Velo on the front cover”...


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