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From: Dave Disney

Sent: 21 April 2009 21:57

To:  Kevin Thurston

Subject: Venom clutch

Hi Kevin,

Just thought I’d drop you a line about the clutch you supplied for my Venom.

I have now done over 16,000 miles (yes sixteen thousand ) in under two and a half years and had no trouble whatsoever with it. I have not had to adjust anything – clutch or belt – and the only adjustment to the rear chain has been two flats on the adjuster.

The clutch is a delight to use - I can operate it with my little finger, it is so light. There has been no hint of slip or drag hot or cold. I have been on holiday on the bike five times to the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors (Heartbeat country) and many of the roads have been steep and twisty, demanding a very reliable clutch.

I can thoroughly recommend your clutch to all Venom owners.

Regards, Dave Disney

Above: Dave Disney and his Venom at Stanford Hall Velocette Owners Club Rally 2008

KTT Services

Above: KTT Services at Stanford Hall Velocette Owners Club Rally in 2009

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From: Terry Rafter

Sent: 10 March 2014 21:01


Subject: Clubman Velo

1965 Clubman Venom,built to full Thruxton spec. by Geoff Dodkin and sold by him to David Thompson of Belfast in 1967.Mr Thompson had problems starting the  bike and brought it to Ken Turner [ who raced Manx Nortons] to check the G.P. carb and Mag timing and as a lad of 19 I remember admiring the bike in Kens workshop.  45 years later I came across the bike again,. It had been with 2 owners for about 40 years and had never been taxed or MOT'd and somewhere along the way it had lost its GP Carb and Big valve head.  I bought the bike in Nov 2013 and with it came a letter from Dodkin dated 1972 detailing some of the "considerable work" he had done to the machine, which included a still present polydene cam and lightened and polished flywheels. I fitted a new Thruxton barrel and piston and ordered a belt drive and Thruxton head from Kevin Thurston. The head was posted on a Friday afternoon in early Feb. I received it Sat. lunchtime and after a bit of checking on Sunday I put it together on Monday morning. Everything was ready by lunchtime and to my surprise and delight it started first kick! When the weather improves I'll MOT and tax it and start running it in.

Thanks, Kevin. Roll on Summer!

From: Malcolm Sanger
Sent: 04 September 2014 21:16
To: Kevin
Subject: Velton


Malcolm Sanger




Hi Kev, Just a line or two of comments on the Clutch-Belt Drive and oil seal kit you recently supplied for my Velton,

I fitted the whole assembly as per your instructions to the letter, coupled to a close ratio gearbox and a well tuned Venom Engine, 16 springs in the clutch, and running dry.

*  Clutch operates easily with two fingers, very light.

*  No slip whatsoever. (and I tried hard to make it happen)

*  No drag in traffic.

*  Selecting neutral, no problem at all, cold or hot.

*  No oil leaks at the crank either. (Bless)

 Just one very important point to mention to anyone re-building a velo for the first time:- (like me)

The world and his wife might have been there before you !

First CHECK all of the parts associated with the clutch mechanism for size and wear, and do not assume that what you are dismantling is in the correct order, or even the correct part, even if the guy you bought it from is an expert and worked on them for years.

That said when all is correct and you understand how the clutch operates it's a breeze to do one.

Get a GOOD MANUAL and parts book first, (Mr Grove Classics) and there's lot of info on the net, if you still have problems, ask Kev for a pointer or Mike at Grove, they both go the extra mile.

All of the parts supplied are of a very high quality and finish, and if all else is correct will not give you any problems at all.

I think that just about sums it up then Kev, I have attached a few pics of the Velton for your amusement and that of others if you want to use them. I am now off to strip and re-build my engine, the only part of the bike I didn't have time to do before the Manx and it let me down like a cheap pair of tights (Crank Pin loose) after all, it was only re-built just before I bought it by an EXPERT!

Again Kev, the Clutch is superb, and Thank You for all of your help along the way, five star job mate.


Kind Regards,


From: Tony Meredith Geyer

Sent: 30 November 2017 07:34

To: 'Kevin Thurston'

Subject: Belt Drive


Hi Kevin,

My  Venom belt drive which I purchased from you early this year continues to perform flawlessly, no drag, no slip , easy neutral selection and quiet operation.


Tony Geyer

South Australia