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Kevin (KRT) has been designing, developing and producing high quality modifications for Velocettes for over 20 years.

KRT Racing started in 1995 and as a design engineer working on jet engine thrust reversers, tanks and submarines, Kevin became more interested in the technical development of Velocettes. He started producing parts to reduce weight and improve performance for his own bikes.

This became more than just a hobby, producing performance parts for Velocettes, and on 1st September 2009, Kevin started up in business as a Sole Trader.

KTT Services’ mission is to get more Velocettes competitive on the race track and to improve road bike performance and reliability.

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18 August 2018: An amazing endorsement of KTT Services Products:

From: Stuart Hooper
Sent: 16 August 2018 01:34
To: Kevin Thurston
Subject: Re:07-1034 VMT head & Rocker Box Castings


Dear Kevin,


Thank you very much for supplying one of your superb Thruxton cylinder heads and rocker boxes for use on the Big Velo, these are of the highest possible quality and should allow me to finally enlarge the ports enough for the heavily supercharged engine without compromising strength and reliability. I would highly recommend them to fellow Velo enthusiasts.


 Stuart Hooper .... Worlds Fastest Velocette .