Machining and Labour Rates 2015


KTT Services

Remove old & install new inlet or exhaust valve seat               

Cut 3 angle on either existing or new valve seat                       

Valve guides remove old and install New guide                        

Machine cylinder head correct length for coil springs               

Machine cylinder head for 2nd / twin plug M10                         

Machine rocker box relief for 2nd plug                                   


Machine cylinder head for ‘O’ring one-piece push rod tube           

Machine rocker box for one-piece push rod tube                     

Machine Time side case for one-piece push rod tube & ‘O’ ring 

Cylinder head, rocker box and crankcase cleaning: Options include hot wash, grit & bead or wet bead

£65 (each)

£16 (each)   

£30 (each)

£25 (each)






£35 - £100