Velocette Specials


Dave Reid at Cadwell on the Buchany Velo. The bike  has Kevin’s clutch and belt drive kit, rear wheel alloy hub and alloy fork yokes fitted. These items contributed to a massive weight saving programme, from 385 to 283lbs! The belt is still performing after 4 seasons’ racing, without replacement.

Cord Warneke (Germany) owns this Weslake 4-valve headed Venom, fitted with Kevin’s race clutch belt drive kit.

Richard Atkins’ ARAY Venom fitted with yokes, gearchange conversion (and KRT 3/8” selector rods) and race clutch belt drive kit.

Andrew Clifford’s Venom fitted with gearchange conversion and race clutch belt drive kit.

KTT Services

Roy Alexander’s Velo at Mallory, fitted with race clutch belt drive kit and rear alloy hub.

The Seymour 1976 production racer, formerly owned by Ray Thurston and now in the hands of Chris Spaett.

This bike has the clutch belt drive kit fitted - the second to have been fitted by Chris to his Velo Thruxtons.



Cord Warneke’s Duke Venom, fitted with Kevin’s race clutch belt drive kit and rear alloy hub.

Phil Harris on his 1959 Venom.

Phil fitted the belt drive kit to both his Venom and Viper in 2002.

Velo racer Olivier Ringlet of Belgium. His belt drive was fitted 8 years ago and he’s only just had to replace some clutch plates!

Ted Scott’s brand new 600cc Velo engine in a Norton frame. All engine parts were supplied by Kevin, including a new 100mm stroke crank and conrod, engine crankcases, squish piston and cylinder head, timing cover, road belt drive kit etc.)

The bike is reported to start and run beautifully.

(posted July 2010)  

Olivier’s Alstare Velo on the dyno - note cunning exhaust pipe routing, separate float bowl for a Gardner carb and of course, the KRT belt drive.

(posted July 2010)

From: Stuart Hooper        To: Kevin Thurston       Sent: 16 August 2018 01:34
Subject: Re:07-1034 VMT head & Rocker Box Castings


Dear Kevin,


Thank you very much for supplying one of your superb Thruxton cylinder heads and rocker boxes for use on the Big Velo, these are of the highest possible quality and should allow me to finally enlarge the ports enough for the heavily supercharged engine without compromising strength and reliability.

I would highly recommend them to fellow Velo enthusiasts.


 Stuart Hooper .... Worlds Fastest Velocette .